Wages and Salaries in Sports and Exercise Science

The title Sport and Exercise Scientist covers a vast array of career options. From fitness instructors that work in health clubs to sport psychologists and physiologists. The education and training involved can take as little time as a few weeks to obtain a certification to as much as years to acquire a PhD degree. Salaries in the field of sport and exercise science differ as widely as the level of education required. As you may imagine the higher the education you have the higher the salary you will have.

We will cover some of these exercise science careers in this article and the salaries involved for each one. As the population ages and becomes more health conscious the opportunities for exercise scientists will be plenty. Employment for fitness workers in general is expected to increase by 29 percent between 2008 and 2018. According to the website Diplomaguide.com the median annual salary for an exercise scientist was $66,000.

Average Income in Sports and Exercise Science

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that fitness trainers and instructors have a median income of $31,090 per year. The education required for this is sometimes a short term on the job training for entry level positions, while some positions require a bachelor's degree in sport and exercise science or a similar degree. These trainers and instructors work in fitness centers, health clubs or recreation centers. Many of these positions start as entry level jobs with a salary around $18,000 per year.

A coach makes an average median salary of $28,340 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Coaches teach professional and amateur athletes the skills they need to succeed at their sport. Some college football coaches can make salaries in the million dollar range, but those are dependent upon the background of each coach and their specific experiences.

Many students studying sport and exercise science combine their interest with a teaching credential and become physical education teachers. The profession is responsible for the health and fitness of students in both public and private schools. They may also coach at a junior high or high school level. Nationally, PE teachers earn an average annual salary of $48,000.

Physical therapists, also known as physiotherapists, make an annual median salary of $76,310 or $36.69 per hour according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 10% of physical therapists make a median salary of $85,775 or more. It is a career field that is expected to grow 39% by the year 2020. This is one of the most satisfying careers within the healthcare field.

Exercise psychology is a multi disciplinary field of study involving knowledge of both exercise science and psychology. Generally the job duties of a sport and exercise psychologist focuses on motivation, goal setting and problem solving techniques to help the client achieve a desired outcome. There are many different areas an exercise psychologist could work in. They include college teaching, performance enhancement consulting, health and exercise psychologist and a sports medicine psychologist. They have even worked with the U.S. Space Program to help train astronauts to deal with the psychological stresses of space travel. This career usually requires a masters or PhD degree. The salary range for an exercise psychologist can be over $200,000 annually, with an average salary of $86,000.

So, if you are interested in sport and exercise science the opportunities and salaries are as varied as the jobs themselves.